Jo Westwood

Social Media Manager


Jo Westwod

Why Social Media? Why My Business? Do I Really Need It?

Ask any business owner  “What is the most powerful  and effective way to promote your business?”

9 times out of 10 they’ll say “Word of mouth.”

Now ask the same business owner “What does your social media presence look like?”

9 times out of 10 they’ll “What social media presence?!”

Well guess what… In 2012 social media IS word of mouth! It’s how your customers are communicating about everything, including you and your business NOW.


As a the founder and director of a small business I understand how overwhelming it can be to simply complete the day-to-day tasks it takes to actually run your business, without having to get to grips with, and spend time doing the things that will take your business to the next level. Things like social media.

If this sounds familiar, you have a choice. You can continue running your business as you are, wishing for an extra couple of hours in the day so that you could learn all about and implement your online strategy to accelerate your business, or you can read on to find out how you can use my knowledge and skills to transform your business.

Welcome to my website! My name is Jo (that’s me there!) and I provide a range of social media and visual identity solutions that will guarantee increased exposure, brand awareness, reputation building and growth.

As my client you will receive a tailored package of support, so whether you’re something of a social media aficianado who’s Tweeted off their feet, a dabbler overloaded with Spam and not much else or a complete beginner requiring a “from scratch” setup and brand identity, I can cater to your needs. I am able to react as business dictates, avoiding the problems associated with employing staff or hiring temps. You can trust that I am 100% dedicated to increasing and keeping consistent your social media presence to grow your business, without burdening your managers and assistants with such tasks.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you grow your business through a competition busting online presence, then give me a call now:

Mobile: 07841911196


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