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Identify influencers: Topsy also allows you to find out who actually tweets about your business. You can check how many clicks these people brought to your site via or Twitter’s own stats. Indeed Topsy even marks important users “influential” or “highly influential” based on their activity.


I’ve moved!

Friends, followers and likers – I’ve moved to my new address – (hopefully soon to be too!) Come and say hello! I have some fab new posts for you to check out!


Monitor trends: You can find out more on social media than just who is talking or complaining about you. Many tools allow to watch trends unfold. You determine what’s cool and where the demand is almost instantly by scanning Facebook and Twitter with simple tools like Topsy.

No. 12…

Empower staff: In Germany we have a drugstore chain infamous for being stingy. Their shops are small, look shabby and they don’t even have a phone to prevent staff for private conversations. Thus these drugstores get robbed regularly as staff can’t even call the police. Likewise many companies forbid Facebook, Twitter etc. on the job and isolate their workforce. Other companies empower their staff and win customers or clients on social media.

Tips courtesy of Tad Chef, SEO Blogger.

One of our very own British entrepreneurs, Nigel Botterill used this strategy with his staff – they could all have iPhones providing that they setup and regularly update Twitter accounts. Do you think that this helps to create a buzz about his company and products and engage his customers more regularly and consistently? No brainer!


Video explaining SOPA & PIPA

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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No. 4…

Get attention: Sounds simple doesn’t it? Say something of importance and then you migt get attention. Why? Well, on the Web not money is the most valuable good, it’s attention. It can be turned into money but you earn more money in the long term by trying to get attention repeatedly.

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Offer​ discounts: Once you have an account on Facebook or Twitter or even before you gain a significant following the best thing you can do is offering discounts. People will follow you then and they also will buy. Dell has been selling computers on Twitter for years.

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Create demand: Better than simply reacting is proactively informing about upcoming products, features or services. This way the demand is there before the actual product arrives. Apple is doing it all the time.

iJustine talks about creating her Youtube brand…

We all know (or should know) that there’s no magic formula to creating a “viral video,” but there are some core ingredients to getting thousands and even millions of views. Do you know the secrets? Internet celebrity and top YouTuber iJustine talks about how she built her YouTubechannel from zero to now over 1 million subscribers. You’ll also learn her secrets to managing a community and creating videos that people want to watch, talk about and share with their friends. Check out the latest episode of Behind the Brand with iJustine.

Editor’s note: This video was recorded before the death of Steve Jobs.

Behind the Brand is hosted by Bryan Elliott. Stay tuned to Mashable every Wednesday for new episodes.


A pre-Christmas social media update… and in the festive theme it’s a real gift. Pinterest is a gorgeous visual treat and well worth a look if this report is anything to go by…

Pinterest, a social networking site with an “online pinboard” interface, has made great strides this year. According to Experian Hitwise, this invitation-only site now has 40 times the number of total visits it had six months ago, now finding its way into the top 10 websites in the category of social networking and forums.

The site is especially popular with women between the ages of 25 and 44, which comprise 59% of its readership, and the majority of those visiting Pinterest are female, consisting of 58% of its visitors in the past 12 weeks.

Pinterest lets visitors group items into categories and share them with others. Then, there’s plenty of room for comments about those items. Most of the site’s images are of items concerning home décor, crafts, fashion, and food.

The downside of all this new-found popularity? If you want to join up with the site, there’s a waiting list.

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