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I’ve moved!

Hi lovely likers, commentors and followers – I’ve moved to a brand new website – – please come and check me out for great new posts about design, social media, business and lots of other great stuff!



Discuss features: Feedback is great but as long as it’s a monologue by disgruntled users complaining about you it isn’t very helpful. Often users can suggest solutions. Or you can try to explain how you’d like to change your product or service. A discussion will often yield far better results than just simple feedback.

Check out the competition…

Next time you’re idly Googling / Wikipediaing random facts, generally perusing the net for not much in particular, try turning it into a little research session. The openness of the web allows us to find out much about how our competitors are doing business and communicating with their customers.

Are you closest competitors on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube? If so how are they using them? How does their website look? How easy is it to use? Are they capturing any data? (If so, get on their list!) Is the information on there of good quality and up to date? A simple search for your nearest competitors can turn into a perfect opportunity to fill a gap in communication with existing and potential clients.

Leave me a comment and let me know what advantages you’ve gained from your online research…

And then we tweeted “#IDo!”

Live wedding blogging – it’s the hottest thing on the wedding scene since lace sleeves. I have to admit, at first I was unsure about the idea, seeing it as somewhat intrusive and unromantic,however, since meeting the wonderful Celia Lacy and delving into the beautifully picturesque world of nuptials blogging  (strictly in the name of research, of course!), I have to admit I’m a convert.

The concept encapsulates many different social media and blogging platforms to help organise, communicate about and capture the big day, using words, pictures, video, audio (and of course Google maps – make sure the chauffeur gets that one!) Wedding bloggers like Celia can help you to create Facebook groups for the bridesmaids to collude about hair and makeup, twitter accounts and hashtags so the congregation can contribute on the day and pretty blogs to upload special moments in visual or written form.

In laymans terms – Remember that really cool wedding you went to in the late 90’s when they put disposable cameras on all the tables and asked everyone to take pictures and get copies of the best ones done for them? Well this is the hi-tech, real time version.

Of course, the beauty is that a bride and groom’s social media experience can be totally tailored to them, allowing as much or as little interactivity from their friends and family as they prefer. There’s a wonderful opportunity to have your nearest and dearest totally immersed in helping you to document the day, or on the other hand create a an understated timeline featuring the most stunning, otherwise uncaptured moments. (Remember the bit when he first saw Kate, went a little weak at the knees and said “You look beautiful”…)

As we now spend so much of our time online, and the majority of us would consider the Internet a vital tool in our everyday life, it seems only logical that we use it to collate, share and treasure special memories. In fact it’s testament to our acceptance of the Internet and social media, as a part of our lives, that even the most discerning brides will allow it to play an part in their big day.

Have a wee look at the article below for hints and tips if you want to find out more.

Celia Lacy is a live wedding blogger, social media and communication expert – find her at

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year World Wide Webbers!

The fancy dress party at Mr & Mrs C’s went down a storm – Madonna turned up with new beau Mr Blobby, MC Hammer snook out the back with Kylie Minogue and a couple of Red Hot Chilli Peppers made an appearance. Jack Sparrow also turned up, wrong party, but we let him stay anyway!

Now we’re officially in the very sci-fi sounding (don’t you think?!) Two Thousand and Twelve I’d love to know your commitments to yourself for the coming year… I’m thinking on the spot here, but maybe we could even do a social experiment of sorts. Write down what you’re planning and plotting to achieve this year and we’ll check back next year to see how many got ticked off…

Of course it’d be rude of me not to start….

1. Become Social Media Queen for rural Leicestershire businesses – 10 new clients will have their social media overhauled!

2. Get 6 fantastic new showrooms on board with Coal & Wright –

3. Move to a large enough house to “do Christmas” at ours (if I’m feeling ambitious, perhaps even birthdays – they’re in the summer!)

4. Tone up and get fit again – 6 consecutive 8 minute miles would be lovely.

5. Try out and learn a new activity – on the hitlist so far – indoor climbing & Lindyhop / Jive…

Your turn!

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