Jo Westwood

Social Media Manager

It’s official: Richard Branson eats kebabs on Friday nights too….

Just a quickie, inspired by the King of self promotion himself… I recently had a trawl through Branson’s TweetPics and spotted this:

RT @richardbranson: If I was having a quiet Friday night in, this would do the trick!

Great piece of advertising on so many levels – each time it comes down to that personal touch. Someone, somewhere in, or employed by the Virgin organisation, researched that town. They saw two billboards next to one another. They saw an off licence and a kebab house on either side. They had a very clever thought. Then the man himself actually tweets about it!

What’s doubly cool about this is that the two businesses next to the billboards, now have a wee portion of Virgins gigantic advertising budget pointing a massive arrow at them. Genius.

As something of a student of entrepreneurs and business philosophy, it soon becomes evident that though the top players all share the same drive and focus, they have wildly varying styles in interpreting it. Branson, for me, is the one who is most “down with the kids”. He’s the one out there, meeting, talking too, engaging with real people. The peoples entrepreneur, if you will. What are your thoughts on Branson and his self promotion techniques? Are they right on, or a turn off? I’d love to get your comments…


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