Jo Westwood

Social Media Manager

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year World Wide Webbers!

The fancy dress party at Mr & Mrs C’s went down a storm – Madonna turned up with new beau Mr Blobby, MC Hammer snook out the back with Kylie Minogue and a couple of Red Hot Chilli Peppers made an appearance. Jack Sparrow also turned up, wrong party, but we let him stay anyway!

Now we’re officially in the very sci-fi sounding (don’t you think?!) Two Thousand and Twelve I’d love to know your commitments to yourself for the coming year… I’m thinking on the spot here, but maybe we could even do a social experiment of sorts. Write down what you’re planning and plotting to achieve this year and we’ll check back next year to see how many got ticked off…

Of course it’d be rude of me not to start….

1. Become Social Media Queen for rural Leicestershire businesses – 10 new clients will have their social media overhauled!

2. Get 6 fantastic new showrooms on board with Coal & Wright –

3. Move to a large enough house to “do Christmas” at ours (if I’m feeling ambitious, perhaps even birthdays – they’re in the summer!)

4. Tone up and get fit again – 6 consecutive 8 minute miles would be lovely.

5. Try out and learn a new activity – on the hitlist so far – indoor climbing & Lindyhop / Jive…

Your turn!


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