Jo Westwood

Social Media Manager

Hello world! Can I buy you a drink?

Hello there social media seekers! Let me buy you a (virtual) drink!

A great way to think about social media is to view it as a cocktail party that you’re hosting. Ideally you’d want your guest list to consist of loyal customers, influential people, friendly faces and interesting folks. You’d like the invites to go out on time and everyone to reply. You’d want them to turn up and feel the WOW factor you’d worked so hard to create. You’d want their glass never to empty and the conversations to be sparkling. You’d want to be able to introduce your guests to others you know they’d love to meet. You’d want to be able to spend the evening with your guests, mingling and looking and feeling great. And you’d want them to leave, unable to stop singing your praises and feeling like they wanted to come back. Soon.

But imagine if the invite never went out. And the drinks ran dry. And people were bored stiff and left early, all the while you’re running around like a headless chicken mopping your brow and struggling to look like the cool calm collected host you’d desperately wanted to be.

Now excuse my profuse use of the extended metaphor, but the latter scenario is the way most businesses are hosting their social media party, if at all. Imagine what a great advantage you’d have over your competitors if you consistently held and engaged in a fabulous, scintillating online party.

Of course, you don’t have time to do all that. You’re busy actually running your business. That’s where a Social Media Manager can help. And if  to you “Social Media Manager” sounds like jargon for “Someone who mucks about on Facebook all day”, think of your SMM as the Party Planner.

Just think, probably 90% of your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube right now. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to engage with them at the online party, having your party planner do all the hard work behind the scenes, whilst retaining your image as the ever fabulous host?


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