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Hi lovely likers, commentors and followers – I’ve moved to a brand new website – – please come and check me out for great new posts about design, social media, business and lots of other great stuff!



Discuss features: Feedback is great but as long as it’s a monologue by disgruntled users complaining about you it isn’t very helpful. Often users can suggest solutions. Or you can try to explain how you’d like to change your product or service. A discussion will often yield far better results than just simple feedback.


Reach out: Once you know who likes you you can reach out to these people. blogger outreach is even an established industry term by now. Contact them, simply express your gratitude, invite them to your next product presentation or send them your products for testing purposes.


Identify influencers: Topsy also allows you to find out who actually tweets about your business. You can check how many clicks these people brought to your site via or Twitter’s own stats. Indeed Topsy even marks important users “influential” or “highly influential” based on their activity.

I’ve moved!

Friends, followers and likers – I’ve moved to my new address – (hopefully soon to be too!) Come and say hello! I have some fab new posts for you to check out!


Monitor trends: You can find out more on social media than just who is talking or complaining about you. Many tools allow to watch trends unfold. You determine what’s cool and where the demand is almost instantly by scanning Facebook and Twitter with simple tools like Topsy.

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Empower staff: In Germany we have a drugstore chain infamous for being stingy. Their shops are small, look shabby and they don’t even have a phone to prevent staff for private conversations. Thus these drugstores get robbed regularly as staff can’t even call the police. Likewise many companies forbid Facebook, Twitter etc. on the job and isolate their workforce. Other companies empower their staff and win customers or clients on social media.

Tips courtesy of Tad Chef, SEO Blogger.

One of our very own British entrepreneurs, Nigel Botterill used this strategy with his staff – they could all have iPhones providing that they setup and regularly update Twitter accounts. Do you think that this helps to create a buzz about his company and products and engage his customers more regularly and consistently? No brainer!



*We particularly like this one!

Improve CRM: Does your company use customer relationship management tools like Salesforce? Well, many CRM tools already support CRM features to manage relationships beyond customers or rather before they become customers. Even simple Twitter tools like CoTweet provide CRM features. You can view past conversation with each Twitter user you interact with.

Video explaining SOPA & PIPA

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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Get clients: Of course you get clients or customers this way as well. When Yahoo announced that Delicious will be discontinued I and many other were scrambling to find an alternative to rescue their bookmarks. I got contacted by at least one other company.

Tips courtesy of Tad Chef, SEO Blogger.

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